Past Event Videos

Social Impact in Tech Panel Discussion on October 16, 2017
Panelists:  Cheryl Timoney,; Bari Saltman, LinkedIn for Good; Henrique Saboia, Lyft

Social Impact in Tech Panel Discussion on September 26, 2017
Panelists: Jonny Price,; Charline Legrand, CALSO; and Bryan Breckenridge,

On January 18, 2017, the SFTech4Good Meetup hosted a panel discussion on impact investing in San Francisco. Topics included how to invest for impact with one’s IRA/401k in publicly traded companies, place-based investing, ESG investing and more. Panelists included Lauryn Agnew, Founder, Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative, Jenny Kassan, social enterprise attorney and capital raising coach, and R. Paul Herman, Founder & CEO of HIP Investor.

In December 2015, SFTech4Good and Code for SF Civic Hack Night hosted this event at the Bloomberg Tech Hub in San Francisco. 

On October 21, 2015, the SFTech4Good meetup gathered with panelists from Kiva Zip, Atlassian and the Kapor Center for Social Impact to discuss tech, philanthropy, and skills based volunteering.

In June 2015, we hosted Tech Platforms for Volunteering-Panel with LinkedIn4Good, VolunteerMatch & Taproot Foundation.  This event was produced by Katharine Bierce at General Assembly.


Past Event Slides

Mindful Money (June 2017)
SFTech4Good intro, with links, and Jared Karol's slides. Link 
Shane Steele's slides Link

May 2017: Airbnb Social Impact Experiences, at TechSoup
1) Slides from the Airbnb team: here, 2) Social Impact Program Overview from Airbnb handout: here, 3) Program signup sheet: Creating Your Airbnb Social Impact Experience handout: here, and 4) Katharine's intro slide deck: here

Impact Investing 101: Panel Discussion (January 2017)
Slides here



Tech Jobs in SF City Government
Bookmark the civic tech jobs site or follow @civicjobsf on Twitter.

Find or post nonprofit jobs on the NTEN Nonprofit Tech Job Board. Find or post full-time jobs and short-term gigs for social change. NTEN Members save 50% on all job postings. You can also follow @ntenjobs for the latest jobs.

Fast Forward’s Tech nonprofit job board



Free Event Space in SF for Nonprofits
Need to host an after-work fundraiser for up to 50 people in the Mission district? Apply here.

How To Volunteer As A Senior
Learn how senior volunteers live longer, due to a culmination of benefits. Check out AgingInPlace’s “How to Volunteer as a Senior” guide here.

Weekly on Wednesdays: Code for SF Civic Hack Night
Interested in helping San Francisco? Excellent! Whether or not you know how to code, you can help! Join a weekly hack (hacking = building) night focused on open government and civic tech in San Francisco.  See here.

Subscribe to CivicMaker’s LINKS 
A bi-monthly dispatch of ideas, events and opportunities for civic and social innovators creating better ways to address sticky public problems in the Bay Area and beyond.

Resilient Communities Legal Cafe, East Bay
The Resilient Communities Legal Cafe provides direct legal advice, workshops, teach-ins, discussions, and legal services to businesses and organizations that are trying to make their communities a better place to live and thrive. Come, ask us your questions, and join others from your neighborhood who are taking their livelihoods, communities, and economies back! See dates and locations here.



Social Innovation Resources
compiled by Katharine Bierce
A 30+ page Google Doc on just about everything you could think of in social innovation, women in tech, diversity in tech, data for nonprofits, sustainability, intrapreneurship, social impact startups/social entrepreneurship, and more.

Impact Investment Guide
compiled by Katharine Bierce
For the question "where is my money?", this guide is a start on impact investing for regular people.

Past SFTech4Good Newsletters
Our past newsletters on tech for good events, jobs, volunteer opportunities and more.

Giant Global Social Innovation Events Calendar is a backbone organization building connection, cooperation, and collaboration within the impact ecosystem. Increased coordination provides network benefits and allows us to create tools, resources and products that solve the industry-level challenges we face. This enables the right people, to be in the right places to have the conversations that will change the world. Lots and lots of great events are compiled here:

So You Want to Be an Ally Because #BlackLivesMatter
Here is an ever-expanding resource for individuals who would like to become an ally. Please feel free to add to it and share it within your communities.

TechSoup Courses for Nonprofits!
You have a mission. TechSoup Courses can get you there. Explore the online training catalog here (TechSoup is a sponsor of SFTech4Good, so check them out!



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